We are trying to decide whether to outsource compliance.

Issue: Companies can contract with third-party providers to manage several aspects of unclaimed property compliance. The right decision depends on the company’s business structure, operational strategy, culture and other factors.

The SeaChange Value Proposition: SeaChange will conduct a cost/benefit analysis of outsourcing UP compliance versus building the expertise in-house. If your company determines that outsourcing is the most beneficial, SeaChange can identify potential outsource partners and guide you through the selection process. SeaChange can also help you develop in-house procedures to maximize your outsource relationship.

Case study: Following an unclaimed property audit, a company sought to “turn the page” by formalizing its UP compliance processes. Beth Stein, Managing Director of SeaChange, analyzed the cost savings and risks connected with outsourcing the UP function. Result: The company identified an outsourcing strategy that enabled optimal use of resources and fit with its culture and strategy.

Find out more: Contact Beth Stein to discuss your specific situation.

" Unclaimed property is tangible or intangible property that your company has in its possession because the owner of the property cannot be located. Examples of an “owner” are: employees (current or former), customers, patients, insurance companies, other companies/vendors, stockholders, and bondholders, etc." 

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