We are a new company and want to establish UP compliance.

Issue: Newly formed companies that have not generated significant unclaimed property have a valuable opportunity to reduce financial risk by developing strong UP policies and procedures.

The SeaChange Value Proposition: SeaChange will analyze your business structure and develop policies and procedures that will enable your company to properly capture, document, report and remit unclaimed property. Establishing solid UP compliance up front will pay off in protection from damaging “look back” audits.

Case study: Following a voluntary disclosure action, a Top 10 financial services firm focused on establishing a strong UP compliance program. Beth Stein, Managing Director of SeaChange, helped the company develop robust UP policies and procedures and implement them throughout the organization. Procedures were posted on the company’s intranet to reduce organizational risk and ensure ongoing effectiveness.

Find out more: Contact Beth Stein to discuss your specific situation.

" Unclaimed property is tangible or intangible property that your company has in its possession because the owner of the property cannot be located. Examples of an “owner” are: employees (current or former), customers, patients, insurance companies, other companies/vendors, stockholders, and bondholders, etc." 

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