Beth Stein, Managing Director
Beth Stein has a diverse background in public accounting and private industry, including 12+ years specifically focused on unclaimed property (UP). She has helped many companies resolve UP issues through voluntary disclosure negotiations, multi-state audit defense services, statistical sampling, process improvement advisory, reductions in liability and recovery of funds. She has worked with companies in all industries, including oil and gas, real estate investment trust, private equity, health care, consumer products, financial services, telecommunications, transportation and manufacturing.

Beth is a CPA licensed in the State of Illinois and is a member of the American Institute for Certified Public Accountants. She holds a Bachelor of Administration in Business from Purdue University and a Master of Science in Taxation from DePaul University.

Ten years in public accounting, specifically in unclaimed property, state and local tax, and risk advisory services.

Three years with a business consulting firm.

Extensive audit defense experience with state-contracted third-party audit firms, including Kelmar Associates and ACS.

First-hand interactions with state UP administrators and audit supervisors from every jurisdiction, including Delaware, New York, California, Illinois and Texas.

Served as the Unclaimed Property practice leader for a Big 4 accounting firm, building its Western, Southeastern and Midwest Region practices from the ground floor up.

Served in the Big 4 firm’s Washington National Tax think tank, providing technical research on sales and use tax and unclaimed property.

“One of my favorite quotes is, ‘If you don’t know the other side’s position, chances are you don’t know your own.’ While unclaimed property is not a tax, it can feel like a tax when an audit arises. Because of my background in state and local tax, I can easily bridge these two very distinct areas. The benefit for clients is that I am able to apply the structure and formality of state and local tax to the area of unclaimed property, which is still at the beginning stage of development.”

Contact Beth Stein at 312-286-6200 or via e-mail.

Handling unclaimed property issues with the various states requires a positive working relationship with the appropriate state officials. SeaChange has built strong working relationships with unclaimed property administrators, directors and audit supervisors across the country.

By successfully accomplishing numerous voluntary disclosures and principled audit defenses, SeaChange has established a reputation for credibility and integrity.

SeaChange has access to experts and resource providers in every area of unclaimed property compliance. SeaChange has strategic alliances with:

The University of Chicago Department of Statistics

SAS 70-compliant outsourcing vendors  Well-established gift card administrators

Law firms with practice area expertise in unclaimed property

Strategic property locator firms In leveraging alliances, SeaChange will assess your unique needs and, as necessary, present the appropriate third party to you for consideration.

"If you don’t know the other side’s position, chances are you don’t know your own." 

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