Unclaimed property (UP) is a little understood area of corporate law. Many companies do not have an adequate UP compliance program, and they face the risk of a high-cost audit. Other companies rely on expensive consultants to maintain compliance.

SeaChange offers an alternative. SeaChange helps companies maintain UP compliance in a cost-effective manner using their own personnel and resources. If outsourcing the ongoing reporting is your preference, we make that work for you too.

SeaChange analyzes your operations, identifies and resolves your liabilities, then trains key managers and staff on tracking and reporting unclaimed property. The result: Your company protects itself against damaging UP audits and achieves ongoing compliance with little or no dependence on consultants.

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unclaimed property consulting brochure

For a downloadable executive summary of our consulting practice, please select our Unclaimed Property Compliance brochure.

For access to a single-source solution for Unclaimed Property issues, please visit UPInfoSource.


Our company does not have a UP compliance plan and may have a large UP liability.

We have a UP compliance program, but we may be under- or over-reporting.

Our company has been selected for a UP audit.

We are a new company and want to establish UP compliance.

We are trying to decide whether to outsource compliance.

Our company is interested in building a UP compliance program in-house.

We need to ensure our UP program is compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley.



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